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Utah Furniture: Why We Love Performance Fabrics 

Why We Love Performance Fabrics! 

Whether you live in a home with kids, pets or have company over often, you want your furniture to hold up and last. You also want it to be comfortable and beautiful. Luckily that’s entirely possible due to the advanced development of a category of upholstery fabrics called “performance fabrics”. Performance fabrics put up a fight against spills, stains, sun fading and wear while being comfortable and stylish. You don’t have to make a choice between comfort or style, you can have both! 

What makes a Performance Fabric so special?

Performance Fabrics are designed and developed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life while being simple to clean. We know that life does not always go as planned – spills, stains and accidents are bound to happen. When they do, your mind will be at ease knowing that when treated promptly, the clean up is simple and easy with performance fabrics. With lighter messes, simply blot the spot with a damp towel. With heavier messes, mix some soap and water together and clean with a white cloth (see manufacturer fabric guidelines for your particular fabric). The goal of Performance Fabrics is longevity, simplicity and durability. 

What More can Performance Fabrics do for You?

Performance Fabrics have been put to the test! They have been through intense environments that analyze their high quality performance. Those tests include direct sunlight to test the UV protectant capability, spills, stains and the durability of the fabric. These tests have proven these fabrics to be workhorses for the upholstery industry. 

Performance fabrics are made of engineered fibers that resist color fading and wick away stains. There are different performance fabric products for different purposes – some are made specifically to resist sun fading like the Sunbrella line of fabrics, and others are highly stain resistant like Crypton fabrics. You’ll never have the need to re-treat your fabric with a chemical making it a lifelong stain resistant product. 

Where to use Performance Fabrics:

You can have comfort, style and durability all in one thanks to performance fabrics. Among the many types of performance fabrics there are some more appropriate for dining chairs and barstools, some for a piece of upholstery that will be placed in a bright window and still others for those loved & lived in family room furniture pieces. 

We have many options of performance fabrics at Noble House. We would be more than happy to help you find the right fabric to bring your home together in a livable, comfortable and stylish way! If you are looking for high quality furniture in Bountiful, Utah or surrounding areas, contact or visit us at Noble House today.