Fabulous Faux Fall Botanicals

Oct 10

We had the most wonderful time sharing our love of fall botanicals with Brooke and the Studio 5 audience today.

See our segment here:


We get so excited for this time of year when we get to bring the out of doors into our homes in such warm and creative ways. It sets the tone in our homes that fall and the holidays are coming (or here) and just feels so good! This time of year it’s totally acceptable to spill pumpkins and gourds right down a tabletop or gather leaves and even leftover sunflowers and branches from outside to bring into our homes.

What do you do if you don’t want the mess or hassle of all real elements and want to use or mix some “fake” elements into your fall arrangements? (and sometimes I have to admit it’s hard to find the exact look you want in a real branch or pumpkin – or hard to keep the leaves from falling off too soon)

Synthetic flowers or natural elements have been branded as a faux pas over the past couple of decades – but technology has come a long way in the creation of realistic looking flowers & branches.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Quality – most high quality, realistic looking synthetic flowers & branches are made from silk, resin or latex, or a combination of all three – if the one’s you are considering aren’t made of these things pass, they won’t last. If you can’t tell, trust your eye to tell you if they look real. Definitely pass if they are shiny. Pay attention to what the real thing looks like if you want to create warmth with your display.
  2. Color: Synthetic flowers & branches come in thousands of colors – the key is to make sure the faux version of the flower, branch or pumpkin you are looking at matches the real thing. If you are putting an arrangement together limiting it to 2-3 colors typically is the most pleasing.
  3. Think season: If you are putting together an arrangement that will be displayed all year long avoid seasonal flowers like amaryllis or tulips – that are typically associated with Christmas and springtime. But if you want to change them out with the seasons think in terms of what is outside at that time.
  4. Cost: Realistic looking elements will cost a little more but you will enjoy them for years to come.
  5. Care: Faux branches, flowers & pumpkins need very little care – they can usually be put in direct sunlight. Just shake or even gently spray them off outside periodically to get the dust off.
  6. Be creative! Avoid super thick stems so you can fit them in a skinny necked interesting jar; Remember you can almost always bend and mold better quality stems into the look you want. Just because faux stems come in a bunch doesn’t mean they have to stay in a bunch. They can usually be separated with wire cutters.

Enjoy bringing the warmth of these wonderful fall botanicals into your home this season – Happy Fall!!

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